The supplier guarantees this product subject to conditions below.

1.  Duration of warranty:  12 months parts and labour. Each warrantee claim will be treated on its merits, taking into account the use that has been made of the product.

2.  The supplier reserves the right to repair or replace components/product as the supplier sees fit. Any such repair or replacement will return the product to a condition befitting the age  of the product.

3.  Exclusions: This warrantee does not cover:

  •       Misuse of or failure to properly maintain the product
  •       Faulty installation
  •       If the product is used for business use
  •       Fair wear and tear

Note: Routine servicing and maintenance not covered by this warrantee.

For service and spare parts, Email:  info@nzbackyard.co.nz   or  phone 027 769 3600

Remember to retain proof of purchase to validate this warranty


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